Does anyone else ship Lestat and Louis?


hyperbeeb: "Now matter how hard you ship Louis and Lestat you will never ship Louis and Lestat as hard as Lestat does.” [X]{X}


Brad Pitt is doing a subtly different performance in these two roles, using similar physical mannerisms, but not identical. A comparison can be drawn. Maybe Louis would be the colder version, Mills the hotter version, of reacting to this similar situation.

  • Both have been roughed up somewhat by their antagonists at this point, but are dressed nicely. 
  • Both are reacting to the first moment of being informed that their wife/S.O. and infant child was murdered (for Louis, Madeleine is the freshly made child!).
  • What’s especially upsetting about Louis’s loss is that it echoes the beginning of the movie, in which he’d lost his wife and child in childbirth. He’s come all this way and IT F*&KING HAPPENED AGAIN GDI SANTIAGO ;A;
  • What’s especially upsetting about Det. Mills loss is that he didn’t know he was going to be a father! ;A;
  • Both have to grieve very quickly in order to move on to…
  • ☆*:.。. ~VENGEANCE~ .。.:*☆
  • Det. Mills serves it up fresh, impulsively, just walks right into the trap laid for him by his antagonist.
  • Louis serves it a bit cooler, the next night, with some planning involved, and alot more death, taking his antagonists by surprise.
  • Both essential use fire to do it. Firearm! Get it?? yeah.
  • Louis knows Revenge is a dish best served en Flambé.
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"She begged for her life…  and for the life of the baby inside of her."

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"… two wet shriveled things that had been alive, mother and daughter in one another’s arms, the murdered pair on the kitchen floor. But these two lying under the gentle rain were Madeleine and Claudia, … the hand that clutched at the child was whole like a mummy’s hand. But the child, the ancient one, my Claudia, was ashes."

 - Louis de Pointe du Lac, Interview with the Vampire



very beautiful !





headcanon: louis once went to japan and met kamijo and they fell in love and kamijo wrote him this song and lestat finds out and gets jealous

#Translation Request #is he singing about boning #because i hope he is singing about boning



the Louis concept album is about the french revolution, according to kamijo’s interviews. it’s not about ITWV’s Louis. Idk the lyrics because I don’t speak japanese but the interviews def. have him saying it’s meant to be the monarch, not the vampire.

HOWEVER, Kamijo has said that he’s a huge fan of Lestat. IMO if you watch Versailles “Ascendead Master” PV you can really see the Anne Rice influence! Kamijo is to blame for my vampire chronicles obsession. XD

Very few of Kamijo’s lyrics are about sex (or if they are, they are subtle), but like, I’d say a god 50% of them, in both his solo work and with Versailles are about VAMPIRES. IMO I’d cast him as Lestat. I don’t even care that he can’t speak english. 


Thank u both! Well it might not be about boning but:

"The melody that flows below the cool, white skin/

Even now, that body I cannot forget ever for a moment.”




headcanon: louis once went to japan and met kamijo and they fell in love and kamijo wrote him this song and lestat finds out and gets jealous

#Translation Request #is he singing about boning #because i hope he is singing about boning

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I’ve been meaning to post a lengthy headcanon about Lestat for awhile now. Specifically, one that involves how he is currently. It all began perhaps a year or so ago when a post came to my attention: an update on our favourite Vampires straight from the author’s mouth. She specifically pointed out that Lestat was alone and not with the others. This seemed out of place to me, since Lestat is quite the social being that craves companionship. So I began to wonder…

Why? Why is he alone? What could have possibly happened that he is now away from Louis, David, Marius, and all the others?

There was only one answer that I could see. Lestat finally must have done something that ended with the others not wanting to have a thing to do with him. Why else would he not be pursuing them in some way?
Since he was turned in Paris, and perhaps even before then, Lestat began digging this metaphorical hole down and away from all those who ever once cared about him. It was as if he was searching for some buried treasure, some prize and would do anything to get to it more expediently. Thus, he never thinks how his actions will affect others. Never. So all his mistakes, all his “adventures” have dug this hole deeper and deeper.

However, there has always been a ladder that was lowered down into this hole, and his friends, companions, and would descend it to try and convince him to, to help him to climb out. First, it was his mother, then Nicolas, then even Armand, and then Marius. Next, it was Louis and then David, who would descend down into this metaphorical hole several times, more than others ever would. Both of them, leaving a lantern, reminded Lestat of what he could have at the surface. If he would just listen to them for once.

Then that something happened. What that something is, I’ve yet to figure out, but whatever Lestat did, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say. And then his way out of this hole was gone. The ladder was removed, the lantern snuffed out, leaving Lestat with only a fleeting reminder of what was and what could have been: the dim light from the entrance of the hole he had dug himself.

This broke him, no doubt sending him into some kind of mental break, and now he has to find his own way out; to find some way to begin making up for all the wrongs he has done. 

And Lestat does this alone.

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"I could see a world of frescoes and murals surrounded us, their colors deep and vibrant above the dancing flame, and gradually the theme and content beside us came clear. It was the terrible `Triumph of Death’ by Breughel, painted on such a massive scale that all the multitude of ghastly figures towered over us in the gloom, those ruthless skeletons ferrying the helpless dead in a fetid moat or pulling a cart of human skulls, beheading an outstretched corpse or hanging humans from the gallows…. So vivid, so perfect was it, I shuddered.”

- Louis de Pointe du Lac, Interview with the Vampire

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  • I do have a Real Life you know!
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leprinceinsolent said:
I'm laughing my ass off because you're talking with that one blog about OLLA and Eve/Ava. It's hilarious because Tilda's name in "We Need To Talk About Kevin" is Eva Khatchadourian.

(FYI I’m talking with hyperbeeb about OLLA

Right! Eva. And “We Need To Talk About Kevin” was great. I read the book, too. Read the book, it’s good ;)

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Anonymous said:
Give you unsolicited advce: You should've stayed with your husband. You took a vow to never leave him, doesn't that mean anything to you?


Dying in Paris was infinitely better than dying in the Auvergne. 

And no, it does not. That vow was a vow not of my choosing, a coercion from my mother to a man I could not love, who chose to treat me like chattle and violently abuse my youngest son. 

My greatest regret regarding him is that Lestat ever found the letters I’d hidden regarding him—to see my son return to his abuser to “rescue” him caused me more pain than I can describe. 

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I was tagged by palemithril​…  I rarely do these… but hey, maybe someone wants to know?

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, iPhone, iTunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 (or more!) people. One rule: no skipping.

  1. How to Destroy Angels - Ice Age
  2. NIN - A Warm Place (that is sorta funny, being right after Ice Age)
  3. NIN - Home
  4. Radiohead - Little by Little
  5. Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke
  6. Nancy Wilson - Elevator Beat
  7. Bonnie Raitt - I Can’t Make You Love Me
  8. Toad the Wet Sprocket - All I Want
  9. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - In the Hall of the Mountain King
  10. Tina Turner - I Don’t Want to Fight

Wow, these do seem to have a theme.

I’m harassing tagging (bc I think they would have intriguing musical reccs)(in no particular order):















[Feel free to ignore this tho, I won’t mind. Tag me if you respond so that I’ll see <3 !]

Anonymous said:
Thoughts on the 'Lestat' movie title?

Omg you are the first to inform me! Thank you <3 and also nice of u to send me an ask, i don’t fish for asks but i do enjoy them, even when i answer them crankily but i digress…


Title? why you would want my opinion is beyond me but very flattering! All I really want is for this to be true: “This new Lestat is expected to veer far closer to the source material than Queen of the Damned did.”

If you really want my opinion… I like simply Lestat bc there is SO much more to him than being

☆*・゜゚・*The Vampire Lestat*・゜゚・*☆

… and that might help elevate it to be more than just another drop in the vampire genre that’s drenched our cultural stuff so much already.

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